Browsing the  “Classics” section in the local library can be truly rewarding and it is a very private place!  I promise, you will have a  “I always wanted to  read that” moment! Move along the shelf to the “L” section and pull four of the very best from Sinclair Lewis.  Main Street,  Elmer Gantry, Dodsworth, and Babbitt.  The stories  are timeless.

Babbitt,  a man in “mid-life crisis” before anyone had coined the term!  Dodsworth, the least likely expatriate,  an adoring  husband following  his adventurous wife into a The Sun Also Rises escapade in Europe.  Elmer Gantry invents and reinvents himself listening to his own voice stepping into the world of traveling tent evangelism.  Main Street, back to  small town America and Minnesota roots with a dash of Prairie Home Companion, long before Garrison Keillor was born.

We all look to the New York Times Best Seller List but obviously so many of the great ones have already been written.  Visit or re-visit Sinclair Lewis and you will quickly forget that these books were published in the 1920s.  They are equally if not more relevant today and the beauty of the writing is nourishing to the mind and soul.


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