Water for Elephants Movie Vs. Book

You may have seen my previous comments on this blog concerning Water for Elephants, the book, by Sara Gruen. I urged those that had the time to read the book before seeing the movie.  Since the film opened last Friday I would be interested in your comments and comparisons.  If you like, please take the time to post your comments here on the blog.

3 thoughts on “Water for Elephants Movie Vs. Book

  1. Not worth the money! Read the book instead!

  2. Gordon, as a result of your blogging post, I decided to try the movie despite movie reviews. You were absolutely right. The movie was charming, and almost as good as the book. I thought that the actors were great as cast, and considering how much of the story had to be cut for the movie, the screenwriters did a great job of relating the entire story. Good call Gordon. Thanks!

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