There is little wonder why The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah has received acclaim.  The  novel  is a great read, indeed a page turner, reminding me of Doerr’s All The Light We Can Not See.


The Nightingale translates the horror of German occupied France during WW II.  It is a hero’s worship of the French Resistance, of brave women and men fighting their occupiers against all odds. There are victories,  losses, triumphs and tragedies but throughout the pages evolves a love story, and a reconciliation between sisters, a father and daughter.  The war brings people together and simultaneously tears them apart. A tale of survival, brilliant  storytelling, riveting to the end.

As is my want  on this blog I will give no more detail about this story other  than to encourage you to enjoy.  The Nightingale is very much  another of  Gordon’s Good Reads.

A selection of additional books by Kristin Hannah include Fly Away, The Things We Do For Love, Once in Every Life, and A Handful of Heaven.

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