VENU,  the highly acclaimed Arts/Culture/Style magazine serving Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York has chosen Gordon’s Good Reads  as a regular feature in this celebrated bi-monthly publication. 

The current May/June, 2011 issue of  VENU is available this week at leading arts, culture and style locations throughout the two counties.  Gordon’s Good Reads appears beginning on page 20. The year-old publication noted for its excellent content and rich layout was co-founded by  Creative Director Michael Woodside and Executive Director Tracey Thomas.

Among the features in the May/June issue of VENU are articles on music including Rod Washburn,  The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra  and Songwriter’s Showcase. Other features include Off the Vine in Spain, and a most enjoyable short story, Spontaneous Combustion by Stephen Rhoades. The Motoring section features Ferrari’s Little GTO and Boating highlights The Intermarine 55 Luxury Yacht.

Pick up a copy of  VENU and you will quickly see why we are proud to be included in this excellent and prestigious publication.

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