Gordon’s Good Reads appears in the just published September-October issue of  VENU Arts and Culture Magazine now available at locations throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties. Gordon,s Good Reads  is proud to be associated with this wonderful publication.  Enjoy



VENU,  the highly acclaimed Arts/Culture/Style magazine serving Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York has chosen Gordon’s Good Reads  as a regular feature in this celebrated bi-monthly publication. 

The current May/June, 2011 issue of  VENU is available this week at leading arts, culture and style locations throughout the two counties.  Gordon’s Good Reads appears beginning on page 20. The year-old publication noted for its excellent content and rich layout was co-founded by  Creative Director Michael Woodside and Executive Director Tracey Thomas.

Among the features in the May/June issue of VENU are articles on music including Rod Washburn,  The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra  and Songwriter’s Showcase. Other features include Off the Vine in Spain, and a most enjoyable short story, Spontaneous Combustion by Stephen Rhoades. The Motoring section features Ferrari’s Little GTO and Boating highlights The Intermarine 55 Luxury Yacht.

Pick up a copy of  VENU and you will quickly see why we are proud to be included in this excellent and prestigious publication.