It is always rewarding when a  screenplay created from a book you have enjoyed and recommended hits the mark.  The movie The Help does just that.  I loved every minute of the film!

The Help,  is the story of  Aibileen, Minny and other maids in 1950s Jackson, Mississippi.  ( See my earlier post in the GGR Archives) Aibileen’s life is the centerpiece of the film. Often in the translation to a movie, the importance of individual characters are repositioned and the plot is changed. Thankfully that did not happen with The Help.  The book’s strong message remains in the film.  High praise goes to  Director Kate Stone who with equal creativity wrote the screenplay.  Congratulations to Viola Davis ( Aibileen), Emma Stone ( Skeeter), Octavia Spencer, ( Minny) and the entire cast. Their performances were extraordinary.  Not to be overlooked are the talents of  Jessica Chastain ( Celia) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Hilly).

I hold to my theory that you will enjoy this wonderful movie even more if you have read the book, even easier now that it is out in paperback.

Prodigious praise to  author Kathryn Stockett and Director Kate Stone!

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