Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is all over every best seller list.


Never having read Flynn before I said why not and what a surprise! Forget the substance for the moment, I will get to that but the format, diary like, allows the reader to quickly churn through this fast paced thriller.  No need to reference backward as each chapter begins with its own initiative, clues, blind sides and revelations to keep the reader guessing.  Without this format you may need MapQuest!

A troubled marriage, sinister plot, duplicity and murder travel this fast paced highway.  Yes, you may get lost before finding your way and I doubt very much you will predict the ending!  Flynn weaves social issues into the story including aging parents, Alzheimer’s, Colombo like cops and a female TV crime show host ever so anxious for the next accused man to vilify.  One thing is for sure, Flynn leaves few local folks in Carthage Missouri with little if any dignity!

So the perfect New York City romance ends in a thriller along the banks of the Mississippi! Can you ever go home again?   Just read this bit of copy to whet your appetite and if you are lucky enough to be heading to a warm weather beach this winter, bring along Gone Girl.

Nick Dunne ( husband) ‘”I am finally a match for Amy ( protagonist ). I was a callow boy, and then a man good and bad. Now at last I am the hero. I am the one to root for in the never ending war story of our marriage.  We are one long fighting climax.

Also by Gillian Flynn Dark Places, Sharp Objects.

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