Anthony Doerr’s novel All The Light We Cannot See is worthy of its New York Times Best Seller status.  This wonderfully written book , like The Book Thief, tells a story unfolding during World War II, primarily through the eyes of children.



Set in France and Germany, a blind girl raised by her locksmith father is brought into the middle of a search for a fabulous  jewel. The jewel is removed from the museum where her father works to keep it from the occupying Germans. Meanwhile a young German boy growing up in an orphanage with his sister is co-opted by Hitler Youth because of his demonstrated skills in working with radio receivers.

Lives intersect during the search for the missing jewel and for the location of a hidden French Resistance radio transmitter, located where else but in the attic of the young girls uncle’s home in Brittany where she has fled from the German occupation of Paris.

Doerr’s organization of the novel is pleasing to the reader.  The chapter construction  splendidly carries the story line filled with suspense, intrigue,  the realities of war and wonderfully portrays the love between a father and daughter. The book moves very quickly but the reader never feels pushed or rushed.

I highly recommend All The Light We Cannot See, a very good read  for teenagers and adults. I would predict that it will be among the best novels of  2014.  Anthony Doerr  is the author of the story collections Memory Wall and The Shell Collector and the memoir Four Seasons In Rome.  

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