A love that kindles the depths of the heart is interwoven with an unimaginable self-inflicted tragedy in M.L. Stedman’s novel The Light Between Oceans.  “When it comes to kids, parents are all instinct and hope.”  The Light Between Oceans is everything that this reader believes a good novel should be.


The tale is told with extraordinary care with just enough complexity to always nudge reality.  Stedman’s characters are believable, true to themselves and captivating story tellers. ” You have to forgive only once. To resent one must do it all day every day.”   The skies over Janus are clear as its beacon keeps mariners safe, but even the brightest light is not a shield from life’s stormy seas. As The New York Times stated in its initial review, “Prepare to weep.”

First published in 2012 The Light Between Oceans is more than a good read. It is marvelous! M.L. Stedman was born and raised in  Western Australia, the setting of this book.  She now lives in London. This is her first novel. More please!

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