In his latest work  Friends Divided JOHN ADAMS AND THOMAS JEFFERSON, Pulitzer  Prize author Gordon Wood turns his sights on the stark contrasts in the philosophies of America’s  most famous founding fathers. 

Incredible research and access to the writings of both men delivers a portrait of dramatically different and often conflicting views of the formation of the of the new nation. Adams the son of a Massachusetts shoemaker and hardscrabble farmer, Jefferson born into  plantations of the slave holding southern aristocracy.  They were friends, malevolent enemies, then friends again.  Each leaving his enduring  mark on America’s formative years. 

If your passion is American history Friends Divided is an important read.  As you would expect it is the work of a scholar minus any whimsical passages or grand tours of the American landscape.  Both Patriots receive their share of the authors scorn. If you favor one over the other be prepared for the harsh criticism of an acclaimed historian.  Does Wood have a favorite. Yes he does.  Enjoy.

A wonderful companion read, preferably first, is Wood’s Empire of Liberty. Search this site for my observations.

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