Locked On by Tom Clancy  with Mark Greaney  jumps into the action  literally on page one!  There is no waiting to begin another Clancy journey and all of the familiar characters assume their roles as the saga continues!  What other spy novel gets you up at 4 A.M. to see if Sam Driscoll gets extracted from prison in  Waziristan?  John Kelly becomes an enemy of the state in a bitter dispute with President Kealty whom Ryan is about to unseat.  While the re-election of Jack Ryan Sr. as president is a given, nuclear war heads in the hands of Islamic Terrorists is a drama played out from beginning to end.  All of Clancy’s high-tech innovations and cleaver and pointed tie-ins to current political events and themes permeate this new Clancy novel.  The India-Pakistan conflict escalates and there is even a love interest for Jack, Jr and that too becomes a cliff hanger for the next edition.  Did Mary Pat Foley make a good choice at as match-maker?  we will have to wait for that answer.

I am happy to place Locked On  in my library next to my hard cover collection of his fifteen previous novels. If you are a Clancy fan I think you will feel them same way.

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